Letter: A damaging detour

While I am thankful and grateful to the county and state for the replacement of the bridge on Harris Hollow Road, did it ever occur to the planning committee who orchestrated, funded and approved the project the dire, pathetic, and unsafe condition of Gid Brown Hollow, the only alternative route?

The ruts, furrows and potholes result in the road being very dangerous and difficult to navigate. Some sections have only one passable lane with no warning signs. Other sections are a shamble of dirt, gravel and debris.

Rappahannock County is clearly negligent in its duty to provide a safe road and warning drivers of the potential hazards of this five-mile stretch of Gid Brown Hollow. The county also must make at least a reasonable effort to keep the road free of potholes, deep ruts and debris that could cause damage to a vehicle.

The section of Gid Brown Hollow leading up to Harris Hollow may be safe for use by tractors, farm vehicles, heavy duty trucks, or military vehicles, but certainly not passenger vehicles. I hope the county is prepared to pay for damage to vehicles that have sustained tire or alignment damage caused by the necessity of navigating Gid Brown Hollow. The county should also consider the consequences of personal injuries that could occur due to the lack of warning signs.

In the meantime, I am sure many residents along Harris Hollow Road join me in anticipating the completion of the bridge and appreciate the difficult work of the crew diligently constructing the new bridge.

Paul Hagstrom

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  1. You have named precisely the reasons why Gid Brown Hollow continues to be my favorite road in all the world, as I’m sure many other locals would concur!

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