Washington column for April 7

Parker Critzer. Courtesy photo.

A donation of hair

Parker Marie Critzer, 13, is one special young lady who lives in Washington. Always putting others first before herself, Parker decided for the second time to have her long hair cut and donated it to “Locks of Love.” Her first time was in 2006.

The non-profit Locks of Love provides human hair wigs to kids that are undergoing chemotherapy or are diagnosed with alopecia, or suffering from scalp burns. They often share a daunting challenge: Hair loss can be devastating for a young child. Worrying about their appearance, being afraid to go out in public, and fearing the reaction of their peers can make it difficult for children to deal with the health issues they are facing. Such hairpiece charities as Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids accept donations to create human hair wigs for sick children.

There are several guidelines but all hair donated must be at least 10 inches long. Parker’s was 11 and a half inches long.
It takes six to eight donations just to make one wig. Parker won’t know who will get her hair, but she will receive a certificate of appreciation from Locks of Love for her donation.

New Creations, in Front Royal, did the cut for her.

With a smile on her face, she said, “I thought of how much I’d hate to not have any hair, and how those poor kids must be feeling, so I don’t want to be selfish and just throw away my hair, when I can give it to such a good cause.”

For more information on the Locks of Love organization, visit locksoflove.org.

County office hours

The Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office and the Treasurer’s Office will be open 8 to 5 weekdays through May 2.


Belated birthday wishes go out to a dear friend of mine, Lois Alther. Her special day was Wednesday (April 6).

Birthday wishes go out to Ellen Mustoe who will celebrate her day on Saturday (April 9) and to Clyde Pullen who will celebrate his day next Tuesday (April 12).

Prayer list

Let’s remember Kevin Settle in our prayers each day. Kevin has been under the weather. He is the son of Mary and Junior Settle of Castleton.

Hazel River Poet

I ran into an old friend on Saturday at the Cracker Barrel in Front Royal.

A native of Rappahannock County, he was a winner in a poetry series sponsored by the Library of Congress a few years ago. He prefers to be known only as the “Hazel River Poet.”

In a hurry, he left me with three poems he says were inspired by listening to BBC on the radio late at night.
I enjoyed them and thought my readers may be interested. The first one is:

Time – Lifeline
Time – Tempers.
Time – Distorts.
Time – Whimpers.
Time – Exhorts!

Short and to the point. The second one will be in my column for the April 14 edition.

Until then, have a great week!