Trinity: blessed with art

Darlene Felton designed this pendant.

Art aficionados attending the First Annual Trinity Art Show and Auction will have the opportunity to peruse a variety of mediums. Photography, painting, pottery, jewelry and wood are included in the show. All artists are members of Trinity Episcopal Church, where the show will be held.

Detail of Nancy Keyser’s "Bard Rock Cafe."

One of the members is Nancy Keyser, whose subject material ranges from panoramic landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains to intimate details of wildflowers and gardens. Her paintings communicate a love of nature and country life with a fluid, colorful style. Nancy’s work will also be part of the Rappahannock Artist Tour.

Ruthie Windsor Mann painted "Provence Shutters."

Ruthie Windsor Mann will exhibit her paintings in Trinity’s show. Windsor Mann has been a professional artist for 40 years. European buildings particularly attract her interest. She uses watercolor, oils and pen and ink.

Usage of color contrasts, light and shadow define the style of Becky Parrish, a self-employed artist since 1988. Her portraits capture the spirit of the subject, rather than presenting a physically accurate representation. Parrish’s work has been exhibited in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia art shows. Her talent has been recognized by several awards and fellowships.

Ruth Stolk’s watercolor is "Sunday Fruit."

A frequent venue for Chris Johns’ photography has been National Geographic magazine — as he’s provided visual coverage for more than 20 features published in the magazine and is now the magazine’s editor-in-chief. Several of Rappahannock resident Johns’ images will be in Trinity’s show.

Like Johns, Main Hutcheson finds his photographic inspiration in nature. He has been taking pictures around the family farm for several years. Hutcheson’s photographs will be available for viewing and purchase.

Noel and Charlotte Laing, husband and wife, are both artists. In the past Charlotte has quilted, sewed and done needlepoint. Visitors are welcome to check out the kneelers in the sanctuary’s pews, for some of which Laing completed the needlepoint.

Paper has replaced needle and thread in Charlotte Laing’s creative pursuits. She crafts “Paper Cut” ornaments. These pieces are made in two halves cut from stiff white paper that are then sewn down the middle. The ornament is formed when the sides are folded open.

Wood is Noel Laing’s medium. He makes Keepsake Boxes for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His pen, pencils and wine stoppers, will be offered for sale.

Noel and Charlotte Laing passed their passion for crafts to their daughter, Kathleen Hutcheson. She forms soaps from natural ingredients, some of which she harvests from her land or buys from her neighbors has been making soap for over 10 years using all natural ingredients in her soap.

Winners in the Fodderstack 10K Race will receive Merrill Strange’s pottery as awards. Her designs range from fish, plants, and wildlife, as well inspirations from villages in Rappahannock County.

Darlene Felton, who runs a jewelry store in Warrenton, makes pieces of jewelry that incorporate amethyst and other precious stones.

Other participating artists are Jan Barbano, Cory Caulfield, Paula Endo, Beverly Hunter, Bruce Jones, Jane Kane, Anna Metcalfe, Bob Metcalfe, Bill Pumphrey, Chris Russell, Megan Smith, Ruth Stolk, Philip Strange and Nancy Weitz.

The First Annual Trinity Art Show and Auction is noon to 5, Saturday (April 16) and noon to 6 Sunday (April 17). The auction and reception are at 6 Sunday. Refreshments will be served at the reception. Trinity Episcopal Church is at 379 Gay Street in Washington. For more information: 540-675-3716 or