Letter: Earth Day cleanup

We had nine folks working in the wet morning on U.S. 211 on Saturday (April 23) for the Rappahannock County Democrats’ annual Earth Day cleanup project. At least one soldier carried on even though she had been cut by barbed wire. At least one other wore shoes and not boots and got his feet, shoes and socks thoroughly soaked in the wet weeds and grass of what they call in Baltimore “the medium strip.”

We picked up lots of beer cans and bottles, many empty packs of Marlboros, even some weather stripping and assorted junk. We also found one $5 bill, and two $1 bills — in three locations. It never ceases to amaze what our fellow citizens throw from their cars, or lose to wind gusts that invade their open pickup trucks.

We were passed by many vehicles moving at high speed and burning lots of $4 gasoline. Inside some of them were people who waved and/or tooted in apparent salute to our efforts.

We had started at 8:30 a.m., clad in bright VDOT orange vests, carrying heavy-duty (VDOT provided) garbage bags. By 10:30 we had filled enough bags to make a small mountain in the back of Jim Blubaugh’s blue pickup truck. Mr. Blubaugh swears that he takes the trash to the landfill, and does not remove it to his house to sort through the roadside treasure. I think we should believe him.

Jed Duvall