Letter: Special thanks due to 10K volunteers

(Editor’s Note: See more photos and final race results here.)

Special thanks to all our volunteers who helped with our soggy Fodderstack 10K Race: Beverly Atkins, Linda Brady, Denise Chandler, Kevin Day, Margy Day, Maureen Day, Barb Dennis, Sharon Dodson, Steve Eastham, Jenny Fitzhugh, Susan Hornbostel, Jeannie Jarrett, Bill Jarrett, Beth Johnson, Elaine Kramer, Fran Krebser, Holly Lanigan, Jean Lillard, Sharon Luke, Peter Luke, Pud Maeyer, Jan Makela, Ron Makela, Lois Markee, Ralph Markee, John McCarthy, Jonathan Moore, Steve Morse, John Norman, Holly Propst, Bill Pumphrey, Carol Quaintance, Peggy Ralph, Jinnie Raney, Steph Rider, Kathy Russo, Ann Spieker, Howie Swain, Jacque Towner, Shelby Welch, Lisa Welsted, Ruthie Windsor-Mann, Karen Williams and Candy Wroth.

Margy Day, Fitzhugh, Lanigan, Lillard, Maeyer, Ron Makela, McCarthy, Moore, Welsted and Wroth also served on the Fodderstack Race Committee.

Appreciation is extended to Wendy Weinberg for use of the Theatre, to Boy Scout Troop 36, to Joy Sours and the Rappahannock County High School art department and to the Rappahannock County Park Authority.

Some volunteers had to get up early to help with registration. Some did double duties. Some got soaked tearing off the race tags, giving out times at the mile markers, distributing T-shirts, water and snacks for the runners. And some are always behind the scenes and never get to see the finish line.

Jean Lillard
Flint Hill

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