A note to our Web visitors

RappNews.com is undergoing a few changes — for the better, we hope.

The site will be undergoing some major changes from Friday, May 27 through this weekend. Not everything will be working and some pages might look a little ragged; we appreciate your patience.

With the introduction of our new subscription-based eEdition earlier this month, we will no longer be posting the current edition’s content to the site — at least not within a few weeks of publication.

We will be keeping the popular Event Calendar and other features on the site, and making easier and more robust the features that allow anyone in the community who’d like to contribute — whether it be event listings, opinions, online discussions, news flashes and photos — to do so. We expect to continue updating the content of the paper here, so that you can still post links to our stories and photos on Facebook, Twitter and the rest. We hope that RappNews.com will continue to be a part of our readers’ lives.

We also welcome your opinions, suggestions and ideas about this Web site, our new eEdition and our longest-running bestseller: the printed Rappahannock News. In the coming weeks, look for more changes, including the addition of opinion surveys and polls, a discussion forum and more.

And thanks so much for your support over this last year and a half’s of new ownership. Rest assured the adventure will continue . . .

Roger Piantadosi

Roger Piantadosi
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Former Rappahannock News editor Roger Piantadosi is a writer and works on web and video projects for Rappahannock Media and his own Synergist Media company. Before joining the News in 2009, he was a staff writer, editor and web developer at The Washington Post for almost 30 years.