The chihuahua vs. the hogs

Photo: Schenk fotos via Wikimedia Commons

I just posted something about this earlier today on Rappnet, Rappahannock County’s late-model (but still running) email list-serve, after I saw an urgent notice about a lost chihuahua in Sperryville Friday afternoon — and then another notice today that the dog had been found and reunited with its owners. Sometime after I posted it to Rappnet, it occurred to me that the Rappahannock News has a blog: the section of our Web site called “Online Extra.” Duh.

In any case, after the notice popped up on Rappnet that the dog was all right, I was amazed and glad this little brown chihuahua was alive and reunited with his family, and I found I had this story to tell:

I was waiting to pull onto southbound Sperryville Pike Friday afternoon, waiting for a group of motorcycles to pass — had to be three dozen Harleys, maybe five times that many tattoos and one muffler, if I counted right — when this little guy comes flying out of the parking lot, clearly bent on killing a Hog — or maybe, I thought, he was (like one of our two dogs) not fond of thunder and saw a rare opportunity to attack it at its source.

I leaned out and shouted but the sound of the bikes drowned out everything, so all I could do was watch with my mouth open as he angled, at full speed, into this sea of thousand-pound death machines that were accelerating from the stop sign. I was thinking he was so small that the bikers wouldn’t even see him.

He ran straight into somebody’s foot rest, which was moving at maybe 15-20 mph, and I think this saved his life — because it didn’t seem to hurt him but knocked him toward the ditch along the road, and he tumbled and leaped for a second and then ran back toward the parking lot. I was out of the truck by this point, and he ran UNDER my truck, up the sidewalk in front of the Corner Store and Rudy’s and into Tom Junk’s yard, where he disappeared.

Sorry. I just had to share that with someone. I can’t believe it when friends from the city think nothing exciting happens here.


Roger Piantadosi
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  1. Believe me, if, by “exciting”, you mean tragic or near tragic, these things happen in the animal world around us daily – especially in rural regions.

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