Rabies cases on the rise

Photo by Kevin Collins via Wikimedia Commons

While rabies cases involving animals have risen about 15 percent statewide in the first seven months of 2011 (compared to the same period in 2010), Rappahannock County authorities have reported just one case of confirmed rabies so far this summer. It was reported last week and involved a skunk. Although it is the only case this summer, it is the third of the year.

Over the past three years, the county rarely has more than one or two reported cases of rabies. Until this year, the cases all involved raccoons or foxes. This year all three involved skunks, two of them in Harris Hollow.

In the most recent incident, a skunk — later killed and tested positive for rabies — attacked one or more puppies in a litter in Harris Hollow. The puppies were too young to have yet been vaccinated.

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