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A letter in the Thursday, Oct. 3 print edition in support of Wakefield district school board candidate Chris Ubben said that his opponent, incumbent Rosa Crocker, sent her children to private school, specifically Wakefield Country Day School. This is plainly untrue. On behalf of the paper, I sincerely apologize to Ms. Crocker for printing such erroneous information without substantiating it. –R.P.

Letter-writer Tammi McCracken also emailed this apology to the newspaper Thursday afternoon (Oct. 3).

As always, some of our readers missed last week’s notice that, as always, we would not run campaign-related letters in this edition immediately preceding Election Day because it eliminated any opportunities to respond. We said we’d make exceptions for direct responses to issues raised in last week’s paper, which is mostly what we printed in the Oct. 3 paper — although we printed at least one letter that we should not have (see box at right).

What we did not print were several letters, which – though they didn’t meet the direct-response test – are certainly worth reading, including a letter signed by all of the Sheriff’s Office employees in support of their boss, Connie C. Smith; another from Chief Deputy Scott Jenkins (who is running for sheriff in Culpeper County), also in support of Smith; a letter from former Chief Deputy Chris Williams of Chester Gap, who lost the last election to Smith, supporting Smith’s opponent, Andy Berry; plus two letters of support for Jackson District school board candidate Amy Hitt, one for Wakefield district candidate Rosa Crocker and a letter from Sperryville farmer Cliff Miller in support of the current Soil and Water Conservation District board members Monira Rifaat and John Genho.

So, as promised: Links to all of these unprinted letters, as well as the ones we did print this week, follow below. (A reminder that here online, readers can also submit comments directly.)

It’s hard to express how good it is to live in a community that cares as much as Rappahannock. I would consider voting – with care and enthusiasm this Nov. 8 – as good an expression as any.

Roger Piantadosi
Editor, Rappahannock News

Roger Piantadosi
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Former Rappahannock News editor Roger Piantadosi is a writer and works on web and video projects for Rappahannock Media and his own Synergist Media company. Before joining the News in 2009, he was a staff writer, editor and web developer at The Washington Post for almost 30 years.


  1. I had always assumed that letters to the editor were actually read by the editor, and checked for accuracy before publishing.

    So what happened? How hard would it have been to find someone who could have easily told you the correct facts regarding Rosa Crocker and where her children were educated? My goodness, I will doubt the accuracy of every letter to the editor from now on.

    An apology is nice, but it’s a little late now isn’t it. Shame.

  2. I am appalled at the mistake that was printed in a letter to the editor last week, and then perpetuated in another letter this week. Anyone who bothered to take the time to find out the facts would know that Rosa Crocker does not have children at Wakefield Country Day School. She does not even have school-aged children. Isn’t finding out the facts one of the first rules of journalism? Or for that matter, isn’t it important in all walks of life? In this case it would have been so easy to do. Please be more careful about what you print.

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