Letter: Rosa Crocker has the dedication — and the experience

As a retired teacher with 30 years experience I wish to express my support for the reelection of Rosa Crocker for school board representative from Wakefield district.   My late husband, Paul Nichols, served for 40 years on the Rappahannock County school board, thus I understand the requirements of a board member quite well.    The job involves much more than external appearances would suggest; considerable time is required to learn about, understand, and responsibly act in the interests of our schools.    Both dedication to the task and experience are vitally important.     Ms. Crocker has been an articulate and effective champion of our schools, our students, and our county for 15 years.    Three of five school board seats could potentially change in the coming election.    I urge you to vote for continuity of caring leadership for and about our children by reelecting Rosa.


Charlotte Nichols
Flint Hill

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