Letter-writer McCracken apologizes

I would like to sincerely apologize to Ms. Rosa Crocker and the readers of the Rappahannock News. I let my emotions and a negative rumor influence my opinion and get the better of me. All that I can say is that I am very sorry to Ms. Crocker as well as Chris Ubben for my unchecked and unsubstantiated letter. It was rash of me and very unlike me, and I can promise that it will not happen in the future. Again, I am deeply sorry and hope that both candidates will accept my apology.

Tammi S. McCracken
Chester Gap

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ms. McCracken’s Oct. 3 letter questioned 15-year school board member Crocker’s dedication to the public school division because, McCracken’s letter said, Crocker sent her children to Wakefield Country Day School, a private school in Flint Hill — which she did not. Crocker’s two now-grown children spent nearly all their school years in Rappahannock County Public Schools, and neither of them attended Wakefield. The newspaper is the most at fault here — for not substantiating the letter before printing it — and we apologize to Rosa Crocker and all who may have been hurt by our heedless rush to publish everyone’s letters in the paper.

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