Down Memory Lane for Dec. 29

50 years ago
March 15, 1962

Only one traffic accident resulting from last week’s snowstorm was reported on Friday afternoon, March 9. According to W.A. Buntin, State Police, a utility truck owned by Virginia Telephone and Telegraph Company was struck by a farm tractor on Route 211 two miles east of Washington.

The tractor, a ’59 Massey-Harris owned by Eddie Sutphin of Flint Hill, was damaged to the extent of $3,000. The vehicle broke completely in half at the housing.

The possiblilty of the construction of a large industrial plant in this area was announced this week by H.S. Barksdale of the Rappahannock Industrial Development Association. According to Mr. Bardsdale, the plant, when erected here, will eventually employ over 250 persons and would “bring an opportunity for better economic security and business improvement for the entire area.”

The manufacturer proposes to put up some $70,000 for the project, not including the amount he will spend for the manufacturing equipment. Arrangements are being made with a leading financial institution of the state to put up additional funds which will be secured by a first deed of trust.

Sperryville Elementary School has just completed a magazine sales campaign and sales exceeded the proposed goal of five hundred dollars. James Cannon was high salesman in the school and Jack Weaver received the most points.

25 years ago
Dec. 11, 1986

“People are a little bit like rats. They tend to follow roads and sewers,” said Richard McNear, warning Rappahannock’s supervisors that a proposed superhighway through the Northern Piedmont will bring hordes that even a Pied Piper of Hamelin couldn’t control. Mr. McNear was a the board’s December meeting in his official capacity as head of Fauquier County’s planning department and at the request of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors. Its eight lanes of asphalt will bring intense development pressures not only to the counties which will be crossed but to Rappahannock and other neighboring jurisdictions, Mr. McNear said. “A new outer beltway will bring pressure here like the existing beltway brought to Prince William.”

The Rappahannock County High School Pop Quiz team beat last year’s finalist Waynesboro High School Dec. 2 in the first round of competition on the television show “Pop Quiz” on WVPT. The show aired Dec. 4 on Channel 51 from Harrisonburg. The competition consisted of three parts. Team members Dwight Parker (captain), Liz Oliver, Brenden Finnerty and Jonathan Watson were overjoyed with the outcome. Jonathan is the only team member out of the members of the 32 competing schools who has participated in five consecutive years of academic competition on “Pop Quiz.”

10 years ago
Oct. 3, 2001

At its meeting Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 7:30 p.m., the Rappahannock School Board will present to Mrs. Doris Dennis a resolution of appreciation for the long years of service provided by her husband, Mr. Robert G. Dennis. Mr. Dennis was a school bus driver for Rappahannock County Public Schools for more than 33 years.

In an evening session dedicated to the hearing of the four Sprint PCS cell tower facilities forwarded, with positive recommendations, by the Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors reached a nearly unanimous decision to table all of the applications before it. Jackson District Supervisor Ron Frazier expressed the sentiment of the entire board when he moved to table the Nicholson Slope  application because he favors awaiting the Planning Commission’s recommendations on the three facilities that they tabled at their hearing on Sept. 19.

Steven Clark, 18, of Washington was recently selected as a finalist in this Year’s National Merit Scholarship competition. Clark earned this honor by competing against more than 1.2 million students in over 20,000 U.S. high school. Clark received and accepted a Merit Scholarship award sponsored by Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., where he is currently enrolled as a freshman. This stipend is applicable to each of his four years at Carleton.