Letter: ‘This is not hunting — this is killing’

I have been a resident of Rappahannock County for eight years now and I love being here; I love waking up in the morning to take my dogs for a walk, smelling the fresh air, hearing the geese fly overhead and seeing the many wild animals that grace this beautiful countryside.

I have a great respect for this land that I live on and all that roam it. I also value everyone else’s land around me, knowing myself what it took to work and save to live out here. I just wish people would respect me, my land and what roams it in the same way.

On Dec. 21 I found a doe and her baby (about the size of my Husky) shot from the road, in my field; the baby, very injured but still alive, needed to be put out of her misery. This is not the first time I have witnessed carnage like this; I am angry, sick and just disgusted that certain people in this county think that this is okay. Shooting grazing animals in a field, at night or before dawn and from the road, is not hunting – this is killing, a heinous act that is disgusting and downright immoral. This person or persons have not only violated these innocent animals but my property and me.

I understand the need for hunting and population control but this is just wrong on so many levels, and people like this give good, conscientious hunters a bad name. Enough is enough; it’s time for a little neighborly respect around here!

Valerie Owens

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