Letter: Arrestingly lovely

I have been visiting relatives in the Sperryville area for holidays for the past five years. I am told of how Massies Corner, where you get from Lee Highway to Front Royal, has had a high number of car accidents. I think I know why.

It is because the view, when you arrive at that corner from Front Royal, is so beautiful – so beautiful it is dangerous, because the natural instinct is to watch the beauty when you should be watching the road.

I suggest they put up a sign, “Danger – Beautiful View.” I really think this will reduce accidents, especially for people who don’t live around here and are not aware of the natural beauty distracting the driver.

John Bajak
White Plains, N.Y.
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  1. My sister once enjoyed the view so much at this intersection that she pulled out and down the opposite lane of traffic… think “driving in England”

    Anyway, maybe the view was her problem. ;) The view was lost on me that day.

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