Letter: Column inspired me to try even harder

In her Washington column last week, Jan Clatterbuck wrote something that really struck me and I want to say “thanks.” She wrote: “If you are asking yourself how do you get your resolutions to work this year, the most important thing is you must believe that you can do it.”

I have slowly added an extra 10 pounds that have caused me a lot of grief. For years, I have heard from friends that diets don’t work. So for someone who never had to watch her weight, the hour has come. I realized when I read that column that in my mind I have been thinking that no matter what I do, it won’t work for very long. I’ve also thought, “Linda, you are almost 65 and you just have to accept what nature it doing to your body.” But Jan was setting a perfect example – that yes, I can do this.

I’m not looking for my 40-year-old body again, just the experience of wearing jeans or pants with ease and comfort around my belly. I realized that I have been wearing my yoga pants a little too much because they don’t cut into my waist. That was my out! Part of my mind needs to know what is possible.

Today, I joined Jazzercize and I plan to be more consistent with my yoga class with Lilo. I eat healthy; however, I can always do better.  

So thank you for inspiring me.

Linda Wright

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