Letter: Experts needed for Wakefield theses

A classical education at Wakefield Country Day School (WCDS) means that students from the beginning are taught to be critical thinkers, to gain a deeper understanding of what they study. These years of study – learning to think, read, write and speak effectively – culminate in an important graduation requirement: all students research, publish, and defend a senior thesis.

Each member of the WCDS senior class of 12 students has self-selected a topic, one which stimulates his or her own intellectual curiosity. This year’s topics include: the impact of affirmative action racially-based decisions on college admissions; exposing the unethical practices of the One Child Policy in China; invisibility technology – past, present and future; urban planning solutions for a growing African population –  biomimicry and low-tech designs; the social meanings of music in sub-Saharan Africa and its place in New Orleans’ musical culture; fast food culture and its detrimental effects on diverse American food traditions; ear training and music theory; the ubiquitous Internet and its effects on “Generation I”; meeting the demands of the Conceptual Age with the “right” side of our brains; the psychological effects of video gaming; hip hop in the classroom – what can we learn?; the language of sport: how community is built.

As successful researchers, these students have learned to make their topics a part of their daily conversations with family, friends, teachers, and neighbors. The key to a fresh, original paper very often begins beyond the boundaries of traditional research; through personal connections students find deeper meaning in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding. For these reasons, the seniors of WCDS would like your help. If you have expertise in any of the subject matters listed above and would like to share your experience with a student, please call 540-635-8555 x270 or email lramey@wakefieldcds.org with your contact information. I will coordinate an interview time or arrange for written correspondence.

Your life and work experiences may be just the connection our students need to produce a rich, provoking and compelling paper.

Lisa Ramey
Senior thesis advisor
Wakefield Country Day School

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