Sperryville column for Jan. 19

Matthew’s passion
at Rudy’s Pizza

Matthew Hamilton’s eyes sparkle as he talks about the “deep baking passion” with which his father surrounded him at home while he was growing up, and which is now a defining part of his life. Matthew, delighted to be the new manager at Rudy’s Pizza on Main Street, inherited that love of cooking from his dad. After alternating between line chef at Thornton River Grille and Rudy’s this past year, Matthew accepted chef Tom Nash’s offer to move to Rudy’s full-time as manager. He loves meeting new people and looks forward to people coming into Rudy’s to eat pizza and to share their story.

Matthew grew up in Culpeper where he was a band major in high school who played the trumpet, guitar and bass guitar. While his girlfriend Erica attended VCU, he moved to Richmond, where he cooked at Piccola Italy and Balliceaux. After Erica’s graduation, the two returned to Culpeper. Erica is now employed at Blue Ridge Mac in Woodville and we are fortunate to have Matthew in Sperryville. The couple is engaged and will be married in September. We love having younger folks settle into our community, so be sure to stop into their respective work places and let them know how pleased we are to have them with us.

Birthday Wishes

Best wishes to Cheri Woodard who celebrated her birthday this past week.

Wasmund, poster woman
for Fauquier Hospital

Sperryville’s own Helen Wasmund, affectionately known as “Malt Mom” at Copper Fox Distillery, is featured in the Fauquier Health news publication most of us received in our mailboxes late last week. In a full-page article entitled “Spine Surgery Can Eliminate Pain, Restore Mobility,” Helen is extensively quoted about the success of back surgery that restored her to full-activity capacity and a life without pain. Pictured with her surgeon in a color photo in the newsletter, Helen is also part of a patient video at the hospital and, with her consent, an advocate for the surgery with prospective patients. Most of all, those of us who saw Helen in pain before the surgery, and who see her now chasing after her year-old granddaughter Camille, are just delighted to see her move with such ease and without pain.