Down Memory Lane for Feb. 2

50 years ago
April 26, 1962

Hillsdale Drive-In Theatre located on Route 211 west of Washington will open for the season on Friday, May 11. According to B.R. Armel, owner, the opening feature will be “Gone With the Wind,” which will play Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 11-12-13. The snack bar will be open for the convenience of patrons.

The Rappahannock Development Committee has selected publication of a brochure, “Resort to Rappahannock County,” as their first project directed at development of economic resources.

Mrs. I.L. Parrish is illustrator and has already done an ink sketch of the courthouse for the front cover and an illustrated map depicting the county’s agricultural and recreational features. The map will be in the center of the brochure.

Misses Nancy Buntin and Diana Carr were joint hostesses at a surprise party in honor of Miss Carty Moffett’s eleventh birthday Saturday, April 21. The party was held at the home of Miss Buntin. Guests were Misses Amy Palmer, Linda Carr, Carolyn Johnson, Janet Hackley and Dale Nalls.

25 years ago
Jan. 8, 1987

Norma Jean Whorton of Flint Hill is among the 202 candidates who will complete graduation requirements from Eastern New Mexico University this fall and will participate in spring commencement ceremonies May 15 in Greyhound Arena. Miss Whorton will receive a bachelor of arts degree in communication/radio-TV.

“It’s the natural order of things. Any population – with the exception of human beings – should be kept in balance,” said Supervisor Newbill Miller. And to keep the county’s burgeoning deer population in balance, the Board of Supervisors agreed Monday to petition the Virginia Game Commission for changes in local hunting laws. Specifically, the Rappahannock supervisors will ask to have the bag limit upped to three deer, one of which must be a doe, and doe hunting allowed thoughout the season. (This year, during a season which ran from Nov. 17 to Jan. 5, doe could be taken only during the last 12 hunting days.)

10 years ago
Oct. 31, 2001

The Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection ended a challenging year and began a new one at its annual meeting Oct. 19 at Rappahannock County High School. RLEP elected 15 directors to serve the organization for the remainder of this year and until the annual meeting in 2002.

Returned to the board are Don Audette, Charles Delvecchio, Alan Dranitzke, Jim Gannon, Hal Hunter, Phil Irwin, Emery Lazar, Paul Komar, Bob Lander, Marc Malik, Joyce Sloane, Bruce Sloane and Mitzie Young. Richard Biby and Bruce Jones were elected to first terms.

As our fall days grow shorter and winter approaches, students and teachers in the Rappahannock County Public School system are hard at work striving to reach the many educational goals set at the start of the year. Each fall and spring Headwaters the Rappahannock County Public Education Foundation, makes reaching these goals easier by awarding educational grants to successful applicants.