Letter: No hunting on Sundays

The letter writer as a young girl in Harris Hollow.
Courtesy photo
The letter writer as a young girl in Harris Hollow.

As a woman, a former hunter (that’s me with a rabbit in the family-album photo) and land owner, I am against Sunday hunting, just as I am against hunting big game after dark. If six days a week isn’t enough, seven will surely open up unforeseen issues. I have seen the impact of hunting, both positive and negative, since I was three. The Keyser property in Gid Brown Hollow was a hunting lodge when I was growing up, with my grandmother’s  fifty-some acres joining the lodge and also used for hunting. I could not wait for Sundays to come, so I could see the animals get a break and I too could relax from the impact of my own family pressures of hunting, and play in the woods – which I still enjoy doing a half-century later.

And recently a right-of-way was given to a large tract of land near my home, and with a possible extra day of hunting on the ballot, my nights of sleeping are not as peaceful. So until I see more honest people who respect each other, hunting, the animals and the land – and a half dozen game wardens for each county – I say no to Sundays.

Carolyn Beahm

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