Letter: Thanks to the Theatre

Wendy Weinberg once again hosted terrific community events at the Theatre at Washington.

On Saturday, Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) representatives gave an informative talk on the dire prospects of uranium mining in Virginia. About a week ago, five staffers in Richmond were charged with writing regulations, by this summer, to oversee mining and storage of toxic (for 10,000 years) uranium tailings in our commonwealth. Unfortunately, these staffers know nothing about uranium or its storage and will be turning to the mining industry for answers. Once the “regulations” are written, the Virginia legislature will vote whether to approve lifting the state’s 30-year ban on mining uranium. Hold on to your hats and get out the radiation suits!

On Sunday, the Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP) offered a fantastic presentation by Bruce Jones titled “The Intricate Relationships in Nature.” This slideshow of native plants, insects, butterflies, bees and birds on the Jones’ farm highlighted their crucial interrelationships. I, for one, never recognized that native insects do not eat invasive plants – hence their hardiness. Our insects and pollinators survive on native plants and our birds survive on the insects. Planting natives, even on a 10-by10-foot patch, helps our environment and brings birds to your home.

Wow, quite divergent presentations, both free to the public, and both accessible through the courtesy of Wendy Weinberg and the Theatre at Washington. Thanks, Wendy.

Rick Kohler
President, RLEP

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