Small wrestling contingent travels well

With a thoroughly diminished team, Panther Wrestlers took their determination to the mats at Riverhead High School in Staunton last Saturday (Jan. 28).


“Due to injuries and sickness, we only had three wrestlers for the weekend,” coach Galen Weyer said. “Pat Foley placed first and went 4-0. Jesus Lucas went 2-2 and placed third. Meanwhile, Zach Armor went 0-4 in a very difficult class.”


“We went with only a few wrestlers,” Pat Foley said. “We were glad Dylan Hitt came, even though he was injured.” And Weyer was glad to see his other players step it up for the heated competition.  


“In the first match, I went up to the 170-pound class this time,” Foley said, “and I beat their senior 14-4 in points. Then I went against a Lexington wrestler. I got him with a pin. I wrestled one other in the 170 class and beat him in points. Later in the day, I wrestled up to 182 and ended up getting pinned in my second round. It was a little shocking. This guy was taller than me and pretty sturdy.


“Overall, we did well,” said Foley. “Out of the three wrestlers, two of us placed. I won first place and Jesus was third. Zack, who’s been wrestling for four years, had a tough time when they came out and started pinning him. That’s a bit of a surprise.” Foley’s first place landed him a gold medal for his triumphant day, while Lucas’s third place earned him his first ever wrestling medal. Armor left the mats with survivor bragging rights, after facing three former state qualifiers.


“It was a good meet,” Foley said, “because they’re probably the people we’ll see in our regional competitions once we get out of our Bull Run District. This way, you get a feeling of what to expect.”


Panther wrestlers take a full team to Bull Run Districts this weekend in Strasburg (Feb. 4). The action begins at 10 a.m.