Letter: ‘Journalistic equivalent of a shot to the head’

Only a few months ago, the Rappahannock News shot itself in the foot by publishing an inflammatory and incorrect letter to the editor which unjustly attacked a candidate who was running for election to the school board. Despite subsequent online and printed apologies from both the letter writer and the newspaper, damage was done and could not be undone.   

By publishing the front-page article, “School sports funds missing” [Feb. 16], the Rappahannock News has this time managed to self-inflict the journalistic equivalent of a shot to the head. If investigation of the alleged embezzlement has not advanced to the stage where a suspect can justifiably be named, the paper’s decision to print was stunningly premature.

Due to what can only be read as an extremely ill-advised statement from the Sheriff’s Office and from Commonwealth’s Attorney Art Goff, the third paragraph of this article casts the suspicion of criminal activity over each and every board member of the Rappahannock County Schools Sports Association (RCSSA). This is appalling.

Louise Bondelid

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