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Allen, in key Senate race, visits April 4

Virginia will be the focus of one of the nation’s most tightly contested U.S. Senate races in November’s election, as former governor and U.S. Senator George Allen tries to recapture the Senate seat that he lost in 2006 to Democrat James Webb. […]


Editorial: Nice weather?

Spring in Rappahannock, though beautiful as always, feels a bit unnatural this year. It’s as if the latitude has shifted south and we’re now a part of north Florida. Or maybe it’s not spring at […]

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Letter: Thanks for keeping businesses connected

Last Tuesday, the Flint Hill Public House and Country Inn (John Gruber, William Waybourn) and Rappahannock Cellars (Kelly Delmar) were underwriters for our sixth quarterly Rappahannock Business Link, a networking social. The food provided by […]