Letter: A word of thanks to a Washington jewel

One forgets sometimes to say thank you and to acknowledge delightful experiences made possible by the efforts of passionate, committed people. Little Washington, methinks, has numerous jewels, and one of them is Wendy Weinberg of the Theatre at Washington. She nimbly orchestrates world-class entertainment and, in her charming, gifted way, she attracts top-tier talent to the picturesque hamlet that is Little Washington.

Having lived on and off in Rappahannock for a number of years, I’m remiss and feeling like I haven’t taken full advantage of the myriad entertainment morsels made available in the county by folks like Wendy. Perhaps because for me, particularly on a Saturday eve, after having relished the signature Rappahannock countryside, I like to cozy up in front of an intimate, blazing fire to say good night to a fulfilling day. Especially after I’ve lived a dog’s life vicariously, watching Otto, my shepherd/lab, cavort with sheer joy in every river and cranny and woods, happily reeking of who knows what kind of smells.

Well, this past Saturday I wanted to surprise a special man, an aficionado of New Orleans cuisine and culture, and so invited some of our closest friends for a dinner followed by a show at the Theatre featuring the Dixieland Direct Quartet. We celebrated with a meal featuring some of my favorite dishes by John McPherson of Foster Harris House fame, one of Rappahannock’s favorite culinary sons. We raised our glasses and savored locally raised, fresh and thick cuts of juicy rib eye, draped and lounging over lime-sweetened roasted yams, topped with earthy, pungent morel mushrooms and followed with flamed, brandied strawberry crepes for dessert.

Our palates singing and appetites quenched, we happily drove off to the Theatre. Oh my, were we ever in for a treat, to say the least. Not only were we wowed by the gifted Henning Hoehne on clarinet and alto sax and Bob Boguslaw on piano, Mike Flaherty on drums and Dallas Smith on bass – but by our own Monica Worth. She was invited on stage and belted out a smoky, fantastic song as only she can – and all were met with thunderous applause and standing ovations.. Wow. Wendy, thanks for what you do. You rock. And I’ll be by more often.

Chris Doxzen

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