Letter: The fact is, we were all once ‘Citizen Cell’

I would like to thank Del. Michael Webert for his vote on legislation that actually was an attempt to defend the rights of women. Every woman who is considering an abortion has the right to be fully informed of all the current medical and scientific facts concerning the human life within her and the risks and consequences of the procedure she is contemplating.

It is a scientific fact that human life starts with a cell, derisively dismissed by Ms. Ridder as a “Citizen Cell” [Letters, Feb. 23]. This cell is alive, as it is constantly growing, and is clearly human, as it is the product of human reproduction. This cell, or zygote, also contains all the genetic information for every detail of the newly created human life: the color of the hair and eyes, the intricate fine lines of the fingerprint, the physical appearance, the gender, the height and the skin tone. Ms. Ridder was once a “Citizen Cell,” as were we all.

Every woman who is about to make the “most intimate and personal decision” has the right to know this irrefutable scientific information, as well as to see the point to which the human life within her has developed.

Unfortunately, most women considering an abortion are ill-informed at the abortion clinics. I have worked at crisis pregnancy centers, read books about women exploited by abortion providers, and heard testimonies of women who have suffered longterm physical and psychological problems as a result of an abortion.

Many women are resentful and angry that they were not told sufficient facts, to which they were entitled, about the serious risks involved. Many suffer from post-abortion stress that can lead to depression, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies. These women say that if they were honestly and fully informed they would rather have chosen the immediate inconveniences and/or hardships involved in an unplanned pregnancy than live years with feelings of emptiness and grief.

Some women may be angry with Del. Webert, but they do not speak for all women. On behalf of the women who do not view motherhood as “subjugation,” and for those who feel resentful, disrespected and betrayed by those who supposedly fight for women’s rights, particularly those who were misled into suffering through an abortion and its consequences, I thank Del. Webert for his perseverance and encourage him to continue fighting for the rights of the two lives involved in this “most intimate and personal decision.”

Donna Smith

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