Washington column for March 1

Time for flying . . .

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s . . . a kite!

March is traditionally the month for kite-flying. Let’s get ready to fly them high.

A wind that’s too strong or too light is difficult for flying kites. A flag or windsock is handy to help you gauge the wind. The strong and gusting wind we had last Saturday was not the right kind of wind, for sure.

A wind between five and 25 mph is best for most kites (when leaves and bushes start to move, but before it really starts to blow). At those speeds, flying a kite is most fun as you can make your kite dance across the sky by pulling in or letting out the line.

Make sure you are in an area that is open and free of trees, buildings and of course automobile traffic. Stand with your back to the wind and hold the kite with one hand and the reel of string with the other.

Let the wind lift the kite and as it does, feed out the line to the height you want it. Make sure you walk in the direction of the wind as you feed out the line.If the kite won’t climb you can reduce the bridle angle. To land the kite, walk toward it winding the line on the reel as you walk.

I am looking forward flying my kite this year.

Kite flying is great fun and it’s easy, so grab your kite and join in the fun with me. The sky is big enough for everyone.

The $5 bag sale

Get ready, all of you bargain hunters. The Washington Ladies Auxiliary begins its semi-annual March Madness $5 Bag Sale starting Monday (March 5) at their shop next to the fire hall. The sale will be restricted to linens, toys and clothing items – ladies’, men’s and children’s, including shoes and accessories. Bags are provided. Stop by and fill a bag to the top with as many items as it will hold all for the amazing price of $5. Check out the improvements in the shoe department. (Individually priced items are not included in the Bag Sale.) The Thrift shop is open 10 to5 Mondays and Wednesdays, 9 to 3 Saturdays. For more information, send an email to ThriftShop@comcast.net.


Condolences go out to Dorothy Warner upon the death of her nephew, John Lewis Warner. Mr. Warner past away on Friday, Feb. 17.

More deals at the Book Barn

At the Book Barn, video tapes are on sale for the next two Saturdays. Adult and children’s video tapes are just $1 for two. Of course, all other books and audio tapes and DVDs will be at their usual low prices, so come in and browse around to find something you missed, something you always wanted or something you never thought of but now need to have. All Book Barn proceeds go to the Rappahannock County Public Library; all books, videos and tapes are donated; and the Book Barn is staffed only by volunteers.

Have a wonderful week!