Sperryville column for March 8

These words, from a man of culture and influence in his time, also came from a man who died too young. In that never-ending challenge to balance careful planning for the future and living for today, we all must make choices. In that context, Ray and I have decided to take all our grandchildren on a special trip and recently took our 13-year old-grandson, Joe, to Costa Rica. Joe lives in Washington (the state), and long-distance grandparenting has its challenges. A trip away from all that is familiar – in which the 13-year-old risk-taking desires had to be coordinated with the pace of grandparents turning 70 – challenged communication, led to many discussions regarding values and ultimately brought us closer together. Each child is expected to provide 20 hours of community service in their own community as a way of recognizing and appreciating the blessings and opportunities in their lives. We hope this becomes a lifetime value.

Our 10 days together with Joe have helped us bridge the geographical distance in our lives with shared memories and renewed affection. Now the 10-year-old grandson has announced that he wants to go to Australia and the 7-year-old wants to go to Rio! Who knows where we will end up, but the choices are one way to learn geography and be engaged with all the grandchildren in a really special way.

Movement of all kinds

There must be “antique” karma at work in Sperryville. The former showroom of Antique Tables Made Daily (now located two miles west at the Sperryville Emporium) at the School House has an expanded selection of martial arts classes. As of March 1, Remi Godlewski offers tai chi classes at 4 p.m. Tuesdays and 5 p.m. Thursdays at the Sperryville Schoolhouse.

Those interested can just come to class to register but confirming by phone or email is encouraged. Tai chi is originally a Chinese martial art known for promoting healing and long healthy lives in practitioners. That is why it was made the national Chinese exercise and now is the most practiced exercise in the world. Increasingly people are discovering tai chi as an antidote to the stress and accelerating pace of modern life, as well as for the improvement in the quality of their lives.

Recent comments from two of Remi’s current Rappahannock students: “. . . I feel relaxed and confident as I learn. You make me feel I can do it,” and “I had a hard time trying to learn tai chi the other time I took lessons.You make it easy to learn the moves.” Remi has been teaching tai chi in Fauquier, Culpeper and now Rappahannock since he moved to the county to homestead 10 years ago from Florida. He’s also been teaching karate and kickboxing in Fauquier and Culpeper. Contact Remi at bialyptak123@netzero.net or 540-987-2103.

In January, you’ll recall, I told you about the classes offered at the Schoolhouse by Gordon Wicks, who is offering qi gong chin-na at 6 p.m. Mondays. Qi gong (pronounced chee-gung) aligns rhythmic breathing with slow, stylized movement and body awareness to achieve a calm, mindful meditative state. The practice aims to balance life energy and to gain good health. For more information, call Gordon at 540-729-4160 or visit goldenharmonykungfu.com.

And the Sperryville Yoga and Wellness Center is opening on Main Street in April. The first classes will be at 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays. The morning class will have more energy and the evening class will be more calming, says owner and instructor Susan Meyers, who will also adapt the classes to the needs of the group. She will begin to add Friday and weekend classes as she learns what people want. For the first month, she will offer class passes (three classes for $30, six for $55). The walk-in fee is $15 (cash, check or credit card). For more information call Susan at 540-250-3828.

Let’s not forget the children! Kitty Keyser will soon begin her children’s creative movement class (3:45 to 4:30 Mondays, March 19-April 30) for boys and girls ages 4 to 7. Classes are in the Hearthstone School community room, 11576 Lee Hwy., Sperryville. The fee is $60 for the six-week program. For information, call Hearthstone at 540-987-9212.

Of course, we cannot have information about movement without including the contact for our Pilates classes at Mountainside Physical Therapy. Cindy Griffin’s devoted students will attest to her skill and positive attitude. Find out for yourself by emailing her at cindy4core@gmail.com.

Tales of two Terris

If you have not been to Terri Diley’s Farm to Fork Market at Rappahannock Central lately, be sure to stop in. She has some unique offerings. Among them are empanadas, and other traditional Argentinian food, made by Analia. We took some of her empanadas home for supper on Saturday and can attest to their deliciousness!

Did you know that the Sperryville Corner Store now has beer and wine tastings from 4 to 6:30  Fridays? On alternating weeks, beer and wine will be paired with new products in the store and with samples of food available from Thornton River Grille Catering. Sounds like our own version of TGIF, and while we are there we can pick up a selection from Terri Lehman’s “What’s For Dinner?” meals from her prepared food section.

Special thanks

I am most grateful to Monica Worth for filling in for me while we were away. It is always good to have another voice giving information. Please remember that I always want to include your “voice.” Do send news and information to me that you want included in the column.