Letter: Baseball, moms and . . . your support

With spring fast approaching, many of the great things in this county are already beginning to pop out. The daffodils have begun to bloom. The trees are beginning to bud. And the surest sign that spring is around the corner – Stuart Field – is preparing to reopen.

The Rappahannock-Culpeper Baseball League (RCBL) provides an opportunity for the youth in this county to make friends, have fun and learn America’s pastime. Instead of sitting around the house watching TV, playing video games, or listening to iTunes, baseball offers our children the chance to get outside, exercise, breathe in the fresh Rappahannock County air and build memories that will last a lifetime.

On any given Saturday, and many other days of the week, boys and girls can be found enjoying the game of baseball with a lot of support in the stands from family, friends and neighbors. However, the support goes well beyond that. From the coaches, team moms and scorekeepers who volunteer their time for practices and games, to the members of the RCBL Board of Directors who oversee the many year-round administrative functions necessary to make the league a reality, the spirit of this community is overwhelmingly displayed in the time and passion the community invests in these children. 

The opportunity and need for support does not end there, however. This league exists in its current form only through the generosity of the sponsors whose funding helps to provide uniforms and equipment for the players, materials and supplies used by volunteers to maintain the fields, and to keep registration costs affordable. However, in our current economy, some businesses and individuals who have provided sponsorships in the past find themselves having to make difficult choices about what they do with limited resources. As a result, new sponsors are needed to fill this role.

There are many levels of sponsorship, each including a specific level of recognition through league activities. More information can be found on the league website at rappculpbaseball.com or by contacting Christine Allen at christine.allen2194@gmail.com.

I have often witnessed the greatness of this county, and know that together we can continue to provide this opportunity for our county’s children to enjoy this wonderful pastime. Thank you for your support, and – play ball! 

Steve Howell

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