Letter: Regarding those who know just what’s best

In reference to the Rappahannock News editorial page and the article summarizing the school board budget hearing, some items deserve a few short comments. Ben Jones in “Same issues, same old baloney” hit the target when he said this is “almost as tiresome as that Cooter guy.” I have to agree with Ben, for the first time. How clever of him to recognize that Cooter never strays from message and always has the same objection when concerned citizens stand up to keep taxes from being raised without specific needs identified for that raise. 

Likewise, Bill Dietl makes it clear that he is the proper authority to identify who should pay more taxes when in his remarks at the school board meeting he is quoted as saying, “We are burdened by a state government that prevents us from taxing those who can afford to pay more.”  Boy, I couldn’t have said it better if I were a left-leaning member of the government that knows just what is best for everyone. Thank God he’s not in charge. 

Bill Freitag
Flint Hill

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