Down Memory Lane for March 29

50 years ago
June 21, 1962

Mrs. Charles H. Estes of Sperryville was the recipient of the greatly coveted tri-color award offered at the Rappahannock Garden Club Flower Show, which was held Friday at the parish hall in Washington. Mrs. E.M. Jones was awarded the equally impressive sweepstakes. Her arrangement of vegetables, including cabbage and lettuce leaves, green grapes, asparagus spears and red cherries, was very unique.

Thirty-five panes have been broken from the windows in the Rappahannock County Library in Washington. From all indications, the only conclusion to be drawn is that they were shot with B-B guns. These panes of glass have been broken since the shutters on the building were opened when workers began to paint early in the spring. These windows were very old, as is the building itself, and while they can be replaced with difficulty, for they are an odd size, they will not be the same as the original old panes.

Joseph DeJarnette Keyser of Washington, Va., a lifelong resident, leading farmer and horticulturist, was named chairman today of the Rappahannock County Gibbons for Congress Committee. A committee is being organized under Mr. Keyser’s leadership and will be announced shortly. There will be representatives from every section of the county, Mr. Keyser stated.

25 years ago
Feb. 26, 1987

At a joint public hearing last Wednesday, R. Glenn Frazier got the special exception he needed to gain title to the land on which his new house sits. “He’s the man in the middle,” noted Planning Commissioner Werner Krebser. The description fits literally and figuratively. According to accounts from zoning administrator John McCarthy and Mr. Frazier’s attorney, H. Ben Jones of Warrenton, Mr. Frazier applied in November, 1985, for a building permit to construct a dwelling on 115 acres near Flint Hill. Because the tract was owned by W. A. Gentry, the zoning administrator required written permission to build plat to subdivide “as soon as possible: for the 25 acres he’d reportedly purchased as a house lot.

The Rappahannock Extension Homemakers County Council and the Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services Center are planning a “volunteer get-together dinner.” The dinner, which is being planned as a pot-luck affair, will be held on Tuesday, April 28, at 6:30 p.m. at the Rappahannock County Elementary School cafeteria. According to Jeanie McNear, who with Sandra Richardson is coordinating plans for the event, the dinner is being planned to coincide with National Volunteer Week, which runs from April 26 through May 2.

10 years ago
Nov. 21, 2001

Mrs. Cindy Simpson’s third grade class at Rappahannock County Elementary School was treated to a visit by some very special guests from the Pentagon on Thursday, Nov. 8. The students had sent notes of encouragement to folks working at the Pentagon following the Sept. 11 attack. The recipients were so touched by the childrens’ messages that they planned a trip to Rappahannock to thank the students in person. This was surely a visit the children will never forget. What a wonderful lesson in the importance of showing compassion to others as we begin this season of Thanksgiving!

Model conservation efforts by Rappahannock County resident Cliff Miller were applauded at a conservation awards dinner held at Graves Mountain Lodge on the evening of Oct. 26. Mr. Miller’s Mount Vernon Farm has been a working farm since 1827, and has recently diversified to supplement cow/calf production with organic vegetable farming, an apple orchard, alfalfa hay fields and a small catch and-release fly-fishing operation. Mount Vernon Farm has taken steps to protect the quality of the property’s soil and water resources by implementing an extensive rotational grazing system with stream and cross fencing, and numerous watering sources.

Addressing attendees during the Public Comments portion of the November meeting of the Washington Town Council, Charlie Thompkins raised the specter of a celebration-free 2002 Independence Day in Washington. Mr. Thompkins reported that few have volunteered to take the reins of Independence Day celebration management, and so the event could prove to be a non-event this coming year.

Mr. Thompkins and the RAAC-based team that has driven the organization of the fourth of July celebrations for many years announced their decision to retire after the 2001 event. The fact that insufficient volunteers have come forth to assume those responsibilities places a question mark on the viability of a 2002 celebration.