Letter: RappRides needs more riders

RappRides is an all-volunteer system that takes seniors on shopping trips to Warrenton, Culpeper, Luray, and Front Royal on successive Fridays.

RappRides just completed its first full month and the verdict is in. Seniors love it. More than a dozen went on trips in March. They and others at the Senior Center look forward to more trips in upcoming months.

That’s the problem.

With one exception, the only seniors who have requested trips also attend the Senior Center.

Please spread the word. Do you know someone 60 years or older who would like to get out of the house for a few hours? It doesn’t have to be for shopping. To arrange a pickup, call Darcy Canton, Senior Center Coordinator, at 540-987-3638. Darcy will assign a driver, who will call the senior to coordinate a pickup.

RappRides is a great service, and it’s free. Let’s take advantage of it.

Hal Hunter