Letter: George Allen? Seriously?

A recycled, worn-out candidate is the best the Republican party of the “Mother of Presidents” can scrape up?

Allen certainly has the main qualification of a Republican candidate for high office – he chose the right parents. He also meets the requirement of being able to continually recite party dogma without independent or original thought.

However, seriously, doesn’t the Republican Party of Virginia have a bench? Or does this mean they are okay with the dog whistles, the noose, the Confederate flag, the thinly veiled racism, the Southern California boy’s unrepentant romanticizing of the failed old South, the Reagan hagiography, the “knocking [Democrats’] soft teeth down their whining throats?”

Allen continues to push a primary-colored platform of lonely and discredited ideas – lower taxes, less regulation, drill-baby-drill – while the country struggles to fix the damage inflicted by these failed policies over the last generation. And despite what Mr. Allen may imagine, drilling off the Eastern Shore does not constitute an energy policy. The U.S. is pumping more domestic crude oil now than it has in years, and the gasoline produced from that oil is shipped overseas, rather than reducing prices domestically. That’s how the free market works.

Unrestricted greed and avarice, a pie-in-the-sky tax policy and unfunded and pointless wars do not constitute a real platform; they never have and they never will. The time for empty, worn platitudes is long gone. How about some actual fact-based ideas that help our nation move forward? Trying the same old nonsense, but harder this time, is not going to work; failing harder is still failing.

I’m delighted to see that Mr. Allen believes we should stay in Afghanistan. But can he explain what strategic national objective warrants this investment of blood and treasure? Allen argues for increased defense spending, but cannot justify for a specific threat or enemy. And like most of the chickenhawks who relentlessly advocate for our never-ending wars, he served his country quite literally from the sidelines. The closest he came to wearing a uniform was burgundy and gold.

I suppose Allen’s musty carpetbag of campaign slogans must be pretty threadbare after all these years. He continues to run, as he always has, on ideas formed of wishful thinking, long discredited and debunked by reality. He came of political age under the Reagan delusion, and still seems to operate under the guidance of those sanctified and ossified voodoo policies.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what a candidate says out here in the hinterlands, where cows outnumber voters. As groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are forced more and more out of the shadows, it’s clear what the agenda will continue to be, should right-wing mouthpieces like Allen gain more power in the House and Senate – it’s about hoovering money out of the wallets of the middle class and handing it over to the 1 percent, same as it ever was.

The deficit is a non-issue; inflation is a non-issue. Social Security is a non-issue. Drill-baby-drill is a non-issue. Obamacare is a non-issue. Lower taxes is not only a non-issue, it is a charade. Religious freedom is a non-issue. The size of government is a non-issue and regulatory overreach is a non-issue. Even gun-rights is a non issue. What does the Republican Party have left? More recycled George W. Bush, but without the intellectual heft?

Come on. You guys aren’t even trying anymore.

Dennis Kelly

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