Letter: ‘I have spent considerable time on the subject’

In the April 5 article on the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors meeting, the part of the article concerning the topic of windows at the high school made it appear that I was holding up the project. This was far from my intention, and I feel that because of space constraints alone this was the unintentional message conveyed to the readers.

I have spent considerable time on the subject, as have others in the county, and I believe that there was time enough to study alternative windows and installation designs and still have the new windows in by start of school next year. In a month’s time, the board working with the architect should have been able to come up with alternative windows or designs, but we didn’t. The other board members decided to move on. 

My colleagues on the board opted to pursue a known product and design concept, as well as known costs versus unknown costs. This may prove to be the best path as there are troubling economic indicators, and costs could make completing the project a burden on the taxpayer. This of course is not and was not my desire. The possibility of cost overruns was cited by at least one supervisor and, quite frankly, is a good argument for moving forward with the project.

As was stated at the April 3 meeting, this is an area where reasonable people can reasonably disagree and we did. The direction the window replacement project is headed will ultimately be a great benefit to the end users of the school, the students and staff.


Ron Frazier
Supervisor, Jackson District

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