Letter: Taxes for ‘needs,’ not ‘wants’

I have to applaud Richard Brady’s great article [“Time to raise taxes, really?” April 12]. His key point being that raising taxes is always the solution because the alternative, skillfully managing the available resources, appears too difficult. When times are tough, like we have now, it takes real leaders and visionaries to do great things. It can’t always just be to raise taxes instead of looking for the more difficult solution to the problem. 

Amy Burnett, in her letter on the same page, cautions us that we need to support higher taxes as our duty as citizens. She reminds us, “Haven’t you heard that there are molesters and murderers, thieves and embezzlers, drunk drivers and drug dealers in our midst?” I think our static but aging population does not need an almost 10 percent tax increase for imagined rampaging evils in this small community. 

We do need better management of our public resources. I expect all our elected officials to be the engaged and informed public servants that they proclaim to be at every election. I also expect them to shoulder the responsibility for excellent management to assure that only real needs and not wants are addressed before turning to the power of taxation.

I wish I could just hold out my hand and demand that someone give me more money for things I “need.”


Bill Freitag
Flint Hill

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