Letter: Tick and Lyme forum a success

Eighty people attended the Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP) forum on Lyme disease Sunday afternoon at the Theatre in Washington. We thank the following for making it such an informative event:

Local biologist Sam Quinn, who enlightened the crowd on the white-footed mouse, the predominant carrier of Lyme, the life-cycle of the three ticks most common in our area and how the deer tick contracts Lyme from the mouse and subsequently spreads it to other mammals, including humans;

Tom Connally, a retired internist from Sibley and Georgetown hospitals in D.C., who spoke on the history of Lyme, the inherent dangers of the fast-spreading organism, identification of symptoms, the necessity for early treatment and prevention techniques;

Leah Card of the Smithsonian Conservation Research Center for information on a current study of the local tick population and the propensity of Lyme, and

Wendy Weinberg for generously donating the use of the Theatre.

The Fauquier Chapter of the Lyme Foundation was also present with materials and handouts, and RLEP has put together an extensive bibliography of online sites and links to many resources. In the event you were unable to attend and would like this bibliography, send an email to mail@RLEP.org.

Join us! Visit us online at RLEP.org for information.

Rick Kohler
President, RLEP

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