Down Memory Lane for April 26

50 years ago
August 2, 1962

Mrs. Virginia Miller of Washington, Va. announced yesterday that she has moved her office, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company agency, to her home on Mt. Salem Avenue, from its former location in the post office building on Main Street.

Recent new and subscribing are Mrs. Nelson Burner, Mrs. B.R. Rust, Dr. C.J. Stewart, Alice Anderson, James R. Johnson, Lawrence Goin, Mrs. F. D. Coffey, John T. Burch, Mrs. George E. Terry. Clarence W. Jenkins, Mary E. Burke, Annie Miller Almond, T. V. Williams, Mrs. John Hand, Miss Nellie Johnson, Virgie Brown, Edward Pawley, Mary S. Priest and Thomas R. Taylor.

Rappahannock County 4-H members who left Monday to attend the annual camp at Powell’s Fort Valley near Woodstock are Diana Carr, Carty Moffett, Nancy Nethers, Jimmy Cannon, Danny Hitt, Tommy Williams and Carroll Saunders. They were accompanied by Miss Barbara Jones and W.H. Lyne.

25 years ago
March 19, 1987

Friday the thirteenth was not a bad luck day for second grader Billy Dodson. Billy and his parents, Dixie and Clarence Dodson of Viewtown, explained an unanticipated sequence of events which began early Friday morning.

Mr. Dodson spotted a balloon floating in the yard as the family was getting ready for school and work. Billy watched it bounce across the yard. It floated low at first but it did not get caught in a fence – that would have been too easy. It floated higher but it did not catch in the low trees. It continued to drift higher and higher. The family went off to school and work. That afternoon, the balloon was the first thing Billy thought of.

Billy discovered that the balloon came to rest in his yard after a long journey from Wayne, Ohio. It was launched by an eight-year-old Girl Scout, Sarah Yambert, of Troop 555.

Cella Deli becomes the Hazel Mountain Pub with its move to the the ground floor of Country Manor. Manager David Huff reported that the bright, roomy area has produced a good response from customers. “After five years in the basement, we’re glad to have some windows,” he added.

By a unanimous vote, the Washington Town Council last Wednesday passed a 2.5-percent restaurant and transient lodging tax, providing the town with a long-sought source of revenue for a major overhaul of the town’s aging water system. Although a question has been raised about the legality of the town taxing transient room rentals, Councilman William Wickens suggested that, because of the severability clause written into the ordinance, it be passed “as is.” The rest of council agreed.

10 years ago
Dec. 12, 2001

Always fun and friendly are those games where former student/athletes come back and see old friends to reminisce about the ‘good ol’ days.” Such was the case, Friday, Dec. 7, when numerous former athletes and coaches returned to enjoy Alumni Night. Prior to the start of the Varsity game, Athletic Director Jon Smythe treated the alumni and the home crowd to an unveiling of the school’s track and field records. Specifically singled out in the crowd was the former Jamelle Prudhum, who garnered three state records in the 100, 200 and 400 meter dashes during the ’70s. Former and current girls Varsity Head Coach, Ann Spieker, was also recognized for over 14 years of coaching in the program.

It was Homecoming week at the high school last week and the court was recognized at the Friday, Dec. 7 home basketball games. During the preliminary activities surrounding the Varsity contest with the Luray Bulldogs, the 2001 Homecoming Court was announced. Homecoming Queen nominees were seniors Kelly Atkins and Gwen Johnson. King nominees were seniors Phillip Thomas and Jeff Ritenour. Johnson and Ritenour were crowned at the dance on Saturday night.