Fodderstack 10K: Winners and pictures

Winners of the Fodderstack 10K, the annual spring race from Flint Hill to Washington, are as follows:


Overall: first, Katie Arnold, 41:52; second, Julia Wood, 45:07; third, Avery Born, 47:19

First Rappahannock County female: Julia Wood, 45:07

12 and under: first, Skylar Culbertson, 52:16; second, Maddy Salwen, 56:25; third, Shannon Waldron, 1:04.09; 4th, Emma Fidler, 1:04.57

13-18: first, Julia Estes, 54:20; second, Maria Garralda, 58:12; third, Kayla Carte, 59:52

19-24: first, Amanda Eakins, 50:00; second, Abigail Larner, 56:34; third, Noelle Turbitt, 56:51

25-29: first, Berkley Hobson, 48:48; second, Emma Van Hook, 49:15; third, Laura Ken, 51:22

30-34: first, Meghan Fairbrother, 52:41; second, Lauren Bailey, 53:51; third, Lauren Layden, 54:37

35-39: first, Susanna McNear, 47:45; second, Lori Bartczak, 55:47; third, Laura Myers, 57:00

40-44: first, Karen Young, 49:56; second, Stephanie Pross, 51:03; third, Nikki Feinsot, 54:15

45-49: first, Monika Bachman, 48:58; second, Cathy Nowell, 55:24; third, Cathy McGhee, 1:00:16:94

50-54: first, Susan Myers, 59:02; second, Jennifer Aldrich, 1:00:16:13; third, Colleen Scarlet, 1:05:32

55-59: first, Page Fisher, 57:20; second, Kaye Clark, 59:04; third, Rose Popovich, 59:48

60-64: first, Merrill Strange, 1:08.56; second, Anne Kerr, 1:10.21; third, Judy Moran, 1:10.56

65-69: first, Margaret West, 1:09.47; second, Lois Markee, 1:39.05; third, Helen Lindholm, 1:40.08

70-74: first, Gwen Bates, 1:26.23; second, Helen Walker, 1:29.29; third, Susan Hornbostel, 1:53.30

75 & Over: first, JoAn Getsinger, 1:51.06


Overall: first, Alex Ramey, 38:58; second, Igor Gureyev, 39:28; third, Amrit Tamang, 39:39

First Rappahannock County Male: Alex Ramey, 38:58

12 & Under: first, Josh Sabol, 55:49; second, Connor Culbertson, 59:50; third, Ethan Sabol, 1:05:54; 4th Dylan Jones, 1:14:37

13-18: first, Gavin Jenkins, 40:08; second, Nick Waldron, 46:45; third, Samuel Batchelder, 47:50

19-24: Roy Gilb, 41:28; second, Juan Tisera, 43:23; third, Daniel Constable, 48:58

25-29: Brett Yoman, 43:49; second, Frank Paratore, 50:10; third, John Daniel, 50:15

30-34: first, Jesse Von Fonge, 46:36; second, Mark Jenkins, 46:59; third, Sam Ellis, 47:31

35-39: first, Matthew Martmez, 46:04; second, Javaun Moradi, 47:08; third, Michael Dunn, 47:39

40-44: first, Rob Marino, 43:38; second, Kevin Murphy, 46:23; third, Trent Sutherland, 50:54

45-49: first, Duane Williamson, 40:55; second, Michael Hofbauer, 45:42; third, Gary Light, 46:39

50-54: first, Bill Stahr, 44:51; second, Steve Triantafell, 47:13; third, Mark Nesfeder, 48:05

55-59: first, Steve Kudla, 44:30; second, Lyndon Pittinger, 45:36; third, Steven Dunn, 47:45

60-64: first, Allen Vaughn, 47:26; second, Moe Morris, 49:50; third, Bob Ring, 51:58

65-69: first, Robert Taylor, 54:25; second, Dennis Ruhl, 54:46; third, Richard Burke, 59:25

70-74: first, Douglas Morris, 56:57; second, Patrick Coady, 1:01:39; third, Raymond Stamps, 1:05:48

75 & Over: first, Robert Gurtler, 1:08:49; second, Mervyn Jeffries, 1:13:29; third, Nevill Turner, 1:19:29

Most senior participant: Charles Weitz of Washington, Va.

A fantastic Fodderstack

By Jean Lillard
Special to the Rappahannock News

What a perfect day! Fantastic weather, many familiar faces, a great combination of runners and walkers – and just enough T-shirts for everyone!

Yes, there were 325 T-shirts available for runners this year, and there were exactly 325 runners; that’s the first time that’s ever happened. Even more cheering, this year we had an unprecedented number of in-county participants in the annual race put on by the Rappahannock County Recreational Facilities authority – 90 – and county winners, who totaled 25.

Our big winner was Alex Ramey, who took first overall in the race with a time of 38:58:36. Part of Alex’s success in training this year goes to his training companion, Shyann, the family dog. Shyann loves to run; Alex says she was the inspiration in his training program.

The Eva Smith Memorial plates go to the first Rappahannock male and female finishers – so congratulations to Julia Wood, her first, and definitely not her last, and Alex Ramey, who has a collection of these plates.

In the overall winners category, four of the six winners were Rappahannock residents – Alex Ramey and Amrit Tamang, and Julia Wood and Avery Born. Congratulations!!

Rappahannock’s list of other winners is also quite impressive – Gwen Bates, Julia Estes, Ethan and  Josh Sabol, Skylar and Connor Culbertson, Megan Fairbrother, Jo-an Getsinger, Gavin and Mark Jenkins, Anne Kerr, Gary Light, Lois Markee, Suzanna McNear, Susan Myers, Lyndon Pittinger, Raymond Stamps, Merrill Strange, Nevill Turner, Jesse Von Fange, Charles Weitz and Susan Hornbostel (who is moving into Flint Hill shortly)! Way to go, Rappahannock!!

A new and wonderful addition was “The Fit Sisters” – a lively and entertaining group of local ladies who do aerobics together every week, and who walked the Fodderstack: Gwen Bates, Margaret Baumgardner, Ellie Clark (their fearless leader), Beth DeBergh, Jo-an Getsinger, Beverly Hunter, Susan Jones, Lois Markee, Charlotte Taylor, and Nancy Weitz.

We had two groups who participated in memory of loved ones. The Arnold sisters – Katie (the overall female winner) and Meg – ran in memory of their father, David Arnold, a beloved and long-time resident of Huntly. The sisters wore pins with David’s picture imprinted on them. Also Kristen Blackwell Graham ran in memory of her father, Lloyd Blackwell, who was a favorite of ours for years. Diane Blackwell, his widow, and daughters Kristen and Kathryn wore T-shirts with Lloyd’s picture on it. The family was presented a plate in memory of Lloyd Blackwell.

Jinnie Raney accepted a memorial plate in memory of Howie Swaim, who was one of our dedicated volunteers for many years.

As usual we had a large contingent of spectators cheering on our participants. But another first – we had two “community cheer” groups stationed along the Fodderstack to encourage our runners and walkers. The Rappahannock 4-H Club and the Flint Hill United Methodist Church were a big hit with everyone!

Another honorable feat worth mentioning – we still have two runners who have participated all 34 years – our very own Merrill Strange and Robert Gurtler of the Plains. Jenks Hobson must have had an important engagement to miss his first? Lowell Owsley, who had run it for the first 30 years, was there to watch and cheer everyone one.

And dare I mention – Margaret Lee and her contingent were walking the Fodderstack and running towards them was a man with his T-shirt flying high– it was Rich Fischer – he was going to pick up his car. Practicing for a marathon, Rick?

This was truly one of our banner years – a fun-filled day with lots of winners, a cheering crowd at the finish line, dedicated volunteers, laughs and good camaraderie!

See you next year!

2012 Fodderstack prize winners

  1. Rappahannock Cellars – gift certificates – Stephen Triantafell and Bill Walton
  2. The Beauty Box – gift certificate –  Brett Yeoman
  3. Rapp’k News – 1 year’s subscription –  Holly Culbertson
  4. The Piedmont Virginia – 1 year’s subscription –  Joseph Gallagher
  5. The Country Café – gift certificate – Ellie Young
  6. 24 Crows – gift certificate – Susan Stoltzman
  7. Gadino Cellars –  wine tours – Sam Ellie – Charlie Tupitza & Sharon Payne
  8. Ragged Mountain Running Shop – water bottles – Stephanie Pross and Gavin Jenkins
  9. Iron City Hot Dog Shop – gift certificates – Jennifer Sager, Margaret West and Andrea Wooten
  10.  Glassworks  Gallery – hand blown lamp – Christopher Culbertson
  11.  On the Run Sports – water bottles – Alan Dranitzke, Connor Culbertson, Phil Laub
  12.  Middleton Inn – gift certificate – Berkley Hobson
  13. The Theatre at Little Washington – two tickets for a show – Oliver Turner
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