Down Memory Lane for May 17

50 years ago
August 23, 1962

Hon. Burr P. Harrison, Seventh District member of the House of Representatives, announced today the appointment of Mr. Charles B. Palmer, Washington, to fill the rural mail carrier vacancy in the post office here. The vacancy occurred when Mr. Lester Yates retired last year and since that time has been filled by a substitute. Mr. Palmer has been the Vo Ag teacher at Rappahannock High School for several years.

The Awards Banquet for parents and 4-H members enrolled in the Sears Sow Project in Rappahannock and Warren Counties was held last Friday night at the Hy-Wy Restaurant in Front Royal. Those from this county attending were Mr. and Mrs. John H. Powers and son, Clarence Jenkins, Mrs. Carson Lillard and Tommy, Mrs. Roland Welch and Bill, Mrs. Barbara Gentry, Volunteer 4-H leader, and W.H. Lyne, county agent.

The Ladies Auxiliary to the Washington Fire Company will begin their September Rummage Sales on Saturday, Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. at the firehouse and will continue each Friday and Saturday thrugh the month. All members working on the hand crocheted bedspread project are requested to contact either Mrs. C.T. Bruce or Mrs. B.R. Cox before that date.

25 years ago
April 9, 1987

Franklin Fishback has filed for the post of supervisor from Jackson District, challenging incumbent supervisor Al Henry for the position. Mr. Henry was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the death of former Jackson District Supervisor J.R. Latham last December. With Mr. Fishback’s announcement, Jackson District becomes the first, and so far the only, of the county’s magisterial districts where the race for supervisor will be contested.

Following a report to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department of a “position plane crash” shortly after noon Sunday, the Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Department and State Police investigated the sighting but found nothing. William Harris, who lives on Rt. 643 in Etlan, just south of the Rappahannock County line, called the Madison County dispatch center to report that he had seen a bright flash near the top of what was later identified as Hazel Mountain. Mr. Harris described what he saw through his front window as a yellow flash, resembling a gasoline explosion. Rappahannock Sheriff John Henry Woodward, Deputy Capt. Ed Streapy and Trooper H.A. Newlin conducted a ground search of the area around Hazel Mountain, south of Sperryville, for evidence of a crash, but saw nothing which indicated one had occurred.

10 years ago
Dec. 19, 2001

Rosa Crocker, Susan McCarthy and Louise van Dort proudly received the well-deserved accolades for their floral handiwork as the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory reopened its doors to the public on Dec. 11 after a four-year, $33.5 million renovation. The three Rappahannock County women were selected by architect of the Capitol to provide floral decorations to celebrate the much-anticipated event. Critical acclaim came from numerous sources including the New York Times, which lauded their work in a review of the newly renovated conservatory building.

The Washington Town Council had its December meeting in a Town Hall that has recently undergone an interior facelift. A beautifully executed paint job, curtains, refinished benches and cushions designed to soften the impact of Council decisions should make Town Council meetings a more comfortable place to be.

Mayor Willis initiated discussions on the Avon Hall purchase option and on related work by Resources International to determine the viability of the site for a Town-wide wastewater treatment system and the cost of such a system.