Don’t call it a gun store!

George RosenbaumAlex Sharp VIII | Rappahannock News
George Rosenbaum

Proprietor George Rosenbaum (behind the counter) prefers to call his newly opened shop on U.S. 211 in Washington a “weapons history museum.”

George’s Fine Arms, opposite Union First Market Bank, features antique weapons – rifles, shotguns, pistols, knives, sheaths, scabbards, bullets, you name it – and if you have time to learn, Rosenbaum will teach you.

1905 Belgian Vello Dog .25 caliber pistolAlex Sharp VIII | Rappahannock News
1905 Belgian Vello Dog .25 caliber pistol.

Take this small pocket revolver, the 1905 Belgian Vello Dog .25 caliber pistol, for instance. “It’s for when you were riding your velocipede,” Rosenbaum said, referring to those World War I-era bicycles. “When you got chased by a dog, which apparently happened all the time, you either pull that out and shoot at him or scare him. Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” It’s a veritable museum, and Rosenbaum can tell you stories about every piece in a collection spanning 1884 to 1950, but just about everything at George’s Fine Arms is for sale. The shop is open 1 to 6 Thursday-Monday; call 540-878-1714.