Letter: ‘I hear a salutation of gratitude’

I hear it every Memorial Day and Veterans Day and the Fourth of July from those who never served or even got close to combat, expressing thanks in word for the said sacrifice of service to the country, fighting so others could be free and enjoy the fruits of said freedom. 

From the graves of those who met their death, paying the ultimate price for the rest of us, I hear a salutation of gratitude for all those saying thanks.

From the grave, I say thank you for standing firm, ensuring that we did not die in vain. Thank you for standing for justice and against injustice. Thank you for insuring that the Constitution we all took an oath to uphold is being adhered to in the courts and in government, from the local level to the pits of our national government office holders.

Thank you for ensuring that the children I never had a chance to raise and teach the fundamentals of freedom to know that we fight first so that others may remain free from injustice and tyranny and then take a stand for ourselves as well. Thank you for not letting the true meaning of freedom die by standing up for what is right. Thank you for knowing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and exercising those rights every day. With that being done, I say, you are welcome, and I was glad to be of service. And thank you for doing for me what I can no longer do for myself by continuing to assure our country remains a free nation with a people that are truly free. 

For every name on that black wall in D.C. and every other man and woman who died giving  service, thank you all for showing your appreciation and not just speaking it. 

Ken Shankle

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