Letter: Local VDOT heads off Attack of the Cones

Susan McCarthy, Eve Willis and I want to publicly thank David Cubbage and the whole local VDOT crew for coming to our aid recently. In case you haven’t noticed (joke), they are replacing the bridge from Sperryville to U.S. 211 near the old Schoolhouse. Since that was a main route to our shop, Monkey Business Unlimited, our business was seriously impacted during what should be our busiest season. To make matters worse, the path on 211 west was lined with yellow cones and customers thought they could not make a left turn into our parking lot. It was looking pretty grim for Monkey Business.

Then we contacted Mr. Cubbage in Culpeper and within 48 hours a whole crew was dedicated to moving the cones to a more welcoming position and they totally “re-striped” the highway so we have our very own left-turn lane. We noticed the change in our business immediately.

We are so pleased that VDOT took action so quickly to help a local business, and showed such a business-positive attitude during this construction period. Thank you very much for helping us, Knit Wit and Double Eagle Antiques and Lighting at the Schoolhouse, and our customers.


Fawn Evenson
Partner, Monkey Business Unlimited

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