Letter: Mom’s ‘quiet service’; our gratitude

Alice King during a trip to Egypt in 1981.
Courtesy photo
Alice King during a trip to Egypt in 1981.

Our family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of support and caring following the death of our mother, Alice King. Although we know the impact she had on our lives, it was truly touching and humbling to realize how she affected so many others. Mom wrote her own obituary and as in life it was “just the facts” when talking about herself. She didn’t find it necessary to list her accomplishments, though they were many.

Although her one claim to “15 minutes of fame” was her election to the town council (at the age of 79), to those of us who knew and loved her she was most well-known for the quiet service to others that defined her life. We would love to list the many things she did for other people, but we know she wouldn’t want us to. Both of our parents taught us not to seek rewards or accolades in this life and we will respect their wishes. One of Mom’s favorite sayings was, “Working for the Lord doesn’t pay much, but the benefits are out of this world.”

We find peace and comfort in the assurance that Mom will receive the fruits of her labors in her new life with God and that she will live forever in our hearts.

Trisha Wingfield
Flint Hill

Mary-Lynn King
Gainesville, Ga.

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