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Olympic horses, Rappahannock roots

Competing in the London Olympics eventing runs this Saturday through Tuesday (July 28-31) are not one but two horses owned by the Wildasins of Sperryville: Twizzel (with Will Coleman of Virginia) and Mystery Whisper (with Phillip Dutton of Pennsylvania). The family talks about how the ultimate dream came about. […]


The Rapp for July 26

Fourth (Estate) Friday, a drop — in traffic, and of a multi-ton new bridge — in Sperryville, and the many instances of village life going on around Rapphannock County in this week’s paper. […]

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Changes afoot at county schools

Along with its summer-break renovation of energy-related infrastructure at the elementary and high school, Rappahannock County Public Schools will also sport a new array of administrators when school resumes in about a month. […]


Photos: Farm songs

A contingent of singers and musicians – including on this most recent visit the festival’s world-famous founder, Maestro Lorin Maazel, and general manager Nancy Gustafson — sing for Sperryville farmer/innkeeper Cliff Miller’s livestock. […]


Driving out (or holding off) the invaders 

The enemy goes by deceptively pleasing names: Tree of heaven, autumn olive, mile-a-minute, multiflora rose, wineberry . . . but in the war on invasive species, harsher terms describe what it takes: Hack and squirt. Kill it first. Go after the females. Manage the big thugs. Burn the field. […]

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Starfish: A summer camp report

It was a surprising sight at 7:30 in the morning. On a wintry February day, in the Peter Kramer building in Washington, a line of 15 adults waited patiently on the stairs leading up to Rappahannock’s Cooperative Extension office, each holding registration papers for the 4-H’s summer camps offered in June. […]

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Crime & Courts

Crime and Courts for July 26

Wreck leads to DUI arrest A 34-year-old Amissville woman was charged with driving under the influence and refusal (to take blood- or breath-based alcohol tests) after her car wound up in a ditch near the […]

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Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane for July 26

50 years agoNovember 1, 1962 Mrs. W. H. Moffett was hostess to the Washington Bridge Club and additional guests at her home Thursday evening. Those playing were Mrs. Harry Lee Smith, Mrs. T. C. Lea, Mrs. […]

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Photo: House arrest

Deputy Lee Settle, normally on duty catching criminals for the Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office, caught two cats – well, actually, he rescued two starving, sick kittens. […]


Editorial: Pretty yet practical

The 2012 Castleton Festival may be over, but the Rappahannock hills remain alive to the sound not only of music but also of the enduring impact that music and other arts brings to the county. The economic echoes linger. […]

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Adventures in Caregiving: It takes a community

When, without warning, the derecho knocked out most of the electrical power in Rappahannock and our neighboring counties, no one was more vulnerable than the many older couples where one spouse is caring for another with Alzheimer’s disease. […]

A bobcat at Florida’s Homossassa Springs State Park bears some resemblance to the one seen by the author. Photo by Riverbanks Outdoor Store via Wikimedia Commons.
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Wild Ideas: Wild . . . IDs 

One hot afternoon during a recent heat wave, I saw an animal streaking across the road ahead of me in the hollow where I live. My brain was churning trying to identify what I was looking at. […]