Sperryville column for July 5

Welcome to Sperryville co-columnist

We would like to welcome Robane Beroza as the new co-columnist for Sperryville. Robane was originally from southwestern Pennsylvania but, as a child, spent many fall weekends at Big Meadows and a cabin in Jewel Hollow. She met her husband Adam in Charlottesville and they were married 13 years ago at Bleu Rock Inn by Peter Luke. Robane and Adam have a 12-year-old son, Gabe (of recent Soapbox Derby fame), and recently moved from Ohio to Longview Farm with her in-laws, Martin and Cheri Woodard. In her free time Robane likes to hike, garden, swim, read, bake bread and play on the farm with her family and dogs. She loves Rappahannock County and feels fortunate to be able to call it home.

Robane’s degree is in Marketing. Her work experience has included managing Rebecca’s Natural Food; Office Manager for Shenanigans Toy Store; Swim Instructor, Accounts Payable Administrator, Kidz Zone, After School and Summer Camp Director for ACAC; Office Manager for Blue Ridge InternetWork and, most recently, she has been involved in social media marketing.

We are delighted to have another voice and perspective to report on the Sperryville news. Robane and Barbara will alternate weeks and cover for each other for vacations.

After the storm

I know that the paper is filled with stories, so I will add a few more. We know that all of the fire and rescue squads were invaluable to the entire community and one story probably represents what all the others do. At the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad, the crew was particularly attentive to the needs of the elderly. They did everything from chainsawing debris from someone’s yard so the caretaker could get in to providing oxygen for those whose supply had run low. Our neighbor Ronnie Dodson surveyed the damage on our lane and lost no time in pulling out his heavy duty equipment to clear the road for others. When the power and water pump was out at the House on Water Street, six cyclists who had just completed 75 miles in that heat for a charity on Saturday afternoon were offered the opportunity to shower at Wasmund’s Distillery, thanks to yet another neighbor, Ellen Berg, letting Rick know that help was needed. Yet another neighbor is in the hospital and Ed Johnson is taking care of her dogs.

There are many acts of kindness every day, and during this time of crisis the community pulled together in every way.