Washington column for July 5

Joint Vacation Bible School

Trinity Episcopal Church and Washington Baptist Church’s joint Vacation Bible School attendees, young and old, enjoy lunch on the last day of the program at Washington Baptist Church.
Trinity Episcopal Church and Washington Baptist Church’s joint Vacation Bible School attendees, young and old, enjoy lunch on the last day of the program at Washington Baptist Church. Jan Clatterbuck | Rappahannock News

Once again, Trinity Episcopal Church and Washington Baptist Church held a joint Vacation Bible School (July 25-29). The theme this year was “Hometown Nazareth,” where the children learned what it was like to grow up in Jesus’s time. Fifty-three students explored the joy of God’s love in the Bible together. Director of this year’s Bible school was Noel Laing; Washington Baptist’s Rev. Phil Bailey and Trinity’s Rev. Jennings Hobson III were co-pastors.

An offering collected $379, which will go to help the children of Eagle Butte, S.D., to be distributed through two churches there. The highlights of the week included crafts and a re-creation of Mary’s house, where Jesus grew up. On Friday, everyone enjoyed hot dogs and other goodies in the church hall at Washington Baptist Church.

While taking photos Friday, seeing the children having those hot dogs and so much fun sure did bring back memories for me: When I was a little girl, I went to the same church for Bible school. I really looked forward, and will forever remember, the hot dogs and Kool-Aid on the last day.

Rich and famous

Yet another Rappahannock County resident enjoyed the lifestyles of the rich and famous – at least for a moment in the sun. Candy Wroth walked with Tiger Woods’s group on Thursday (July 28) at the AT&T National Golf Tournament in Bethesda, Md., as a volunteer at the event. Also on the walk was Candy’s brother, Ted, who heads up the tournament’s tech crew, and his wife, Dean, who also volunteered.

“It was exciting and I really had fun,” Candy said.

Way to go Candy – moving on up in the world!

Come on down to the barn dance

Come a little closer . . .

and see what I have to say

In an old apple shed, bathed in the light of the stars, will be voices heard, or maybe it will be the hooting of an owl?

Come a little closer, listen to the night, there will be music in the air.

Beckoned by the noise, one walks toward the barn. As you get closer, you will hear the sweet sound of good old country music and the rhythmic thumping of dancing feet. Could someone possibly be having a barn dance?

Yes, you are reading right: It’s Jeannie and Dick McNear. So get your tapping shoes on and head on over to 32 Keyser Run Road, Washington, at 7 p.m Saturday, July 21. Sleepless Nights will be the featured band. The Rappahannock Hunt will provide burgers, hot dogs, beer, wine and soda. The dance is open to the public.

The cost for a single ticket is $30. Couples get in for $50, and it’s $15 for folks 18 and younger. So grab your partner and dance the night away under the stars.

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes go out to Ginger Miller of Washington. She will celebrate her special day on Friday, July 13. Roger, make sure you take your wife out for a nice dinner – and don’t forget the flowers. Hey, a cruise would be a nice gift for her, Roger, don’t you think?

Family reunion

The annual Dwyer family reunion starts at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, July 28, at the Washington fire hall. Please bring a dish and/or drink to share. For more information, call Wayne Baldwin at 540-543-2590.

Many thanks

I would like to thank all the contributors who have given information for this column and hope that more people will call or email with items to include in the Washington column.

Remember, the column is all about you and what you are doing, contributing or celebrating.

Stay cool and have a wonderful week.