Letter: ‘School trees,’ county ‘forest’

Last week’s article by Roger Piantadosi discussed formation of the new “work group” to study health insurance equitability for county employees. The thing that struck me was that, as is very often the case, a motion apparently made by Chris Parrish for the composition of this group (which negated one made by Ron Frazier) was approved by the supervisors. Seems we only need Mr. Parrish on the board these days to conduct the county’s business. But I digress.

Further, a working group with only one citizen member, and that one a former school board member, does not reflect the broad range of county functions to be examined. No real accounting experience was included. We seem to be preordaining the outcome. We can’t seem to see any trees in our county “forest” except for school trees.


Bill Freitag
Flint Hill

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