Down Memory Lane for Aug. 23

50 years ago
Nov. 29, 1962

Albert Williams and Ermand Morris of Chester Gap continue as patients in the Fauquier County Hospital for injuries near Marshall, while en route to work on Friday morning. They are reported to be slightly improved.

The November meeting of the Town Council of the Town of Washington, after routine business, was devoted to consideration of a revised street lighting plan as proposed by the Northern Virginia Power Company. The plan was explained by C.R. Suddith, technical sales representative, and Sidney Thompson, local representative for Northern Virginia Power. They prepared individual maps and cost sheets for each council member, showing existing street lights and proposed changes. After thorough perusal and three hours consideration, the council decided to replace the 1000L fixtures with 2500L along U.S. Route 211 and at each street corner and entrance to the town.

A charming and interesting place is “Bleak Hill,” a hunting lodge in Harris Hollow near Washington. Built and owned by Henry Gore of Fredericksburg, who retired from the Navy as Chief Pharmacist’s Mate after serving 23 years, it combines comfort and excellent taste.

25 years ago
July 9, 1987

“The bats are back in the top of the jail,” Sheriff John Henry Woodward told the supervisors on Monday. “The last time we ran them out, there must have been a foot of droppings in there.” In addition to the potential health hazard posed by the bat guano, problems will arise if the flying mammals should bite a jail inmate, the sheriff noted. Supervisor Nelson Lane suggested investigating the use of high frequency sound against the little sonar navigators.

Being as careful with their choice of words as they must be with their choice of weapons against the winged invaders, the supervisors authorized Sheriff Woodward to secure cost estimates on “eradication” and “running them off.”

The Rappahannock-Rapidan Emergency Medical Services Council held an Instructors Appreciation Day to recognize the work of the volunteers who serve as instructors for the variety of training program offered by the EMS Council, which serves Planning District 9. Instructors and squad members from Rappahannock, Fauquier, Madison, Culpeper and Orange counties gathered for an afternoon of volleyball, food and conversation.

Ronald Frazier, who is seeking election to the Board of Supervisors representing Jackson District, said that he sees one of the county’s largest problems as its budget, and the struggle each year to find the necessary money to keep the county going.

“Instead of increasing the tax rate each year,” Mr. Frazier suggested, “maybe the county needs a long-term plan – which I feel at this time has been lacking.” With that, he suggested perhaps the county “can overcome the escalating tax rate each year. Maybe we cannot stop the increase, but it could be cut down” with the implementation of a capital improvements program, Mr. Frazier said.

10 years ago
Feb. 20, 2002

In June of 1802 David T. Cox and his wife, Anne Calvert Cox, purchased a half acre lot for $15 in the Town of Washington. On that site, at Main and Middle Street, Mrs. Cox, in her “ordinary,” served meals and rented bed space to notables and travelers of the time. Cox’s Hotel, as it was then known, became the meeting and greeting place, and provided comfort and sustenance to many. When the new county of Rappahannock was formed in 1833, Mrs. Cox’s Hotel expanded its role and became the de facto offices of the county court and a polling place, and hosted countless meetings of the county’s leaders. Two hundred years later the Inn at Little Washington has committed to the purchase of this venerable edifice.

Sperryville resident and Democrat J. Kent Reeve received a distinguished honor from the Democratic Party of Virginia, at the Party’s Annual Jefferson Dinner in Richmond recently. To the applause of Governor Mark Warner and Lieutenant Governor Tim Kaine and more than a thousand other guests, Mr. Reeve was bestowed with the “Tom Whipple Party Services: award for his contributions in the area of technology.”

Roy A. Alther Jr., an employee of the American Red Cross for eight years, has recently been promoted from Assistant Director of the Mid-Atlantic Region American Red Cross Reference Laboratory to Manager of Reference Laboratory Services.

He has recently received his Specialist Blood Banking certification from the American Society of Clinical Pathology. Roy is the son of Janet and Roy Alther of Sperryville.