Editorial: A Virginian for President?

Almost upon us is Labor Day, the traditional start of serious political campaigning for the November elections. Based on what’s happened so far this summer, it will be a heated fall.

But given the newspaper’s civic responsibility, we will endeavor to provide clear and crisp (like an old-fashioned autumn day) reporting on the candidates likely to affect Rappahannock residents most directly. This primarily means the candidates vying to represent us in the U.S. Congress.

Our current congressman, Rep. Eric Cantor, will no longer be ours, since Rappahannock County has been gerrymandered into another congressional district – Virginia’s 5th, whose representative is another Republican, Robert Hurt, of Southside Virginia. The Democratic challenger is John Douglass, of nearby Hume.

Earlier this year the newspaper did a front-page profile of Rep. Hurt – introducing him to our readers. In coming weeks, look for similar treatment of Douglass. In addition, we hope to offer a “voter’s guide,” wherein both candidates will present their views on key local issues.

In an underreported development, interestingly, the 5th district’s previous Republican representative, Virgil H. Goode Jr. of Rocky Mount, is now running for U.S. President on the Constitution Party ticket. “I offer a real difference from Romney and Obama,” he says. Refusing to accept campaign contributions of more than $200 from each donor, Goode says, “I represent the many over the special few.”

Goode’s new party gets its name from its main mission: “Emphasizing and following the Constitution will mean a smaller, less costly government, which is vital for the future prosperity and progress of the United States.”

Running to the right of Romney on such issues as illegal immigration, Goode faces significant challenges in even getting on the ballot in every state. But here in Virginia some polls already have him getting almost 10 percent of the presidential vote.

For more information on this local boy running for the highest office in the land, you can visit his website at goodeforpresident2012.com.

Walter Nicklin

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  1. I do like Romney’s business experience, but his Gordon Gecko-esque tenure at Bain Capital concerns me. I also have a problem with him calling himself pro-life. In fact, Romneycare provided for taxpayer funded abortifacients (Pharmaceuticals that cause spontaneous abortion) How many evangelicals and catholics know this? He also is continually calling himself a christian to gain votes, when most of us learned in Sunday school that this is not the case.


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