Letter: It’s a special place, weather or not

I’m sure others shared my disappointment when I tackled your editorial in last week’s paper, presuming that “Rappahannock exceptionalism” would convey something truly exceptional about Rappahannock County. Instead, the piece is a lament on the unusually hot summer.

For Rappahannock exceptionalism, just look around. On pages 1 and 10 you identify something truly exceptional – Ben Jones and his never-ending efforts to bring entertainment and notoriety to the county. What about the successes of Wakefield School graduates in getting scholarships to college? And Ron Maxwell’s movie productions? And the Inn at Little Washington, as well as other fine local restaurants? And Rappahannock’s own wine producers and sellers? And the incredible performances at The Theatre and the annual Castleton Festival? And a long list of local treasures such as the retired leader of the Marine Corps Band, the publisher of the Atlantic and National Journal, and many others who contribute to the dynamism that is Rappahannock?

Those are among the things that mark Rappahannock’s exceptionalism, not hot weather.

Sincerely yours,

James C. Miller III

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