Letter: Rappahannock lends a big hand to Hazzard County

It has been my experience that in rural America there is a tradition of “pitching in to help out one another”, and no folks on Earth exemplify that ethic more than the natives of Rappahannock County. That spirit manifested itself again during our recent Hazzard Homecoming festival at Ben Venue.

We needed a lot of help to put on a show as ambitious as this one, and we were blessed with the best help around. And so we thank the wonderful Eastham family, Greg Williams, Richie Burke, Art Smith, Brian Ross, Neal and Tammy Atkins, “Cleavie” Hawkins, Jeanne Brown, Butch Zindel, Sheriff Connie Smith and the entire Rappahannock Sheriff’s Office, “Shenandoah Drive,” Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church, Hearthstone School, H.M. Pearson Elementary School, the Boys Scouts of America, the CSA Cavalry, the volunteer fire departments of Sperryville, Castleton, Flint Hill and Amissville, the Sperryville Rescue Squad and the Union First Market Bank.

Many Rappahannock friends provided housing, and logistic and moral support. We are hopeful that any traffic inconveniences were far outweighed by the genuine joy that the event brought to thousands of families from throughout the United States and several foreign countries. The magical mountains of Rappahannock were the perfect backdrop to our event and the gracious people of Rappahannock were the real stars of the show.

I love the old saying, “There is nothing we can’t accomplish if we don’t care who gets the credit.” But in this case there is no doubt that most of the credit goes to the dynamo who coordinated the whole shebang, the indomitable and vivacious Alma Viator!

Ben Jones
Harris Hollow,

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